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After some unforeseen and unavoidable delays, the exciting news is we are in the final stages of production with the prototype bike now! Using the best of British in manufacturing, all the custom built sections of frame and other necessary components are now cut, formed and welded. We are planning a visit to the workshop this coming weekend, to get more photos of the various parts and to discuss and plan the final process of assembly.

With some minor changes to the design, such as the beefed up wheel mountings (see photo), this means we will be able to test the bike to it’s absolute limits! The semi adjustable parts will also allow us to modify it’s overall geometry, to find the optimum settings for suspension and performance for a production bike.

All the custom parts of this bike have made with precision engineering, by specialist bicycle frame manufacturers based in the UK. However, it is worth noting at this stage that, although the prototype bike will be revealed very soon, this will not be an “exact replica” of the commercial model.

The purpose of making the prototype is to test out various ideas, to achieve the best possible result from fabricating and manufacturing, whilst retaining the overall looks and functionality of the original concept and design. This all means that the final production version will be the best it can be: an affordable, usable and serviceable machine, boasting top of the range parts and stylish design, for all riders to enjoy.

Once the best settings have been found and rigorous track tests have been completed, the actual final design will be made ready for sale to the general public. At this point in time we plan to distribute an e-brochure to everyone who has registered their interest in the product, helping to illustrate the various options available to customers. It will also list all the high quality branded components fitted to the bike, plus all the other high spec materials used in our production.

If you are interested in finding out more about the finished product, including size, weight, parts, overall cost and variety of optional extras, then please complete the form at the bottom of our homepage. You will then be added to our mailing list and become one of the first people to receive our interactive brochure. This will give you all the details you should need, to help you to decide whether you wish to seize this exciting opportunity and become one of the first customers for the Gravity Mountain Bikes company.

You can also find, like, watch and follow our progress via our social media channels. So, thanks for your continued interest in our endeavours and please stay tuned for more news soon! #NotLongNow