If Carslberg Made Mountain Bikes…

Finally, there’s light at the end of the tube… with the new gravity biking jig now ready for building the first prototype bike frame. After our meeting with the manufacturer of all the custom frame and components, we are delighted with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that is being applied to the whole process!

The bike is being built with incredible accuracy, using all the best tubing, parts and other materials, to produce the sort of high standard frame you would expect to have on any top of the range mountain bike. Our bike builder is a total perfectionist, with an uncompromising approach to every aspect of the bike’s design, style, finish and performance.

Although the prototype machine will not be identical in every way of the finished production model of the bike, there is still the same meticulous level of detail applied to every aspect of it’s manufacture. The jigs have been created with such skill that we can guarantee the frame and components produced will rival the best of anything made by the big brand names within the MTB industry.

Having seen their workshops, the range of specialist equipment they use and, knowing the range and depth of knowledge being employed to create our bikes, we are more than confident that the finished product will be unrivalled in the world of four wheeled mountain bikes. The engineering tolerances incorporated into the build are so low, we can promise the accuracy of all the manufacturing to be less than the width of a human hair.

Potential customers can be assured that the final version of the bike will definitely have been worth the wait! So, we are now very excited to reveal the prototype bike to the public and, after thorough testing on a variety of technical trails and terrain, we will be ready to start taking orders for the much anticipated production model of our impressive new product.

Don’t forget you can follow our progress via social media, to see all the latest photos, videos and other news about Gravity Mountain Bikes. You can also register your interest with us by completing the form at the bottom of our homepage. Your details will then be added to our mailing list, so we can send you a copy of our interactive e-brochure. This will illustrate the various options available to customers, along with a comprehensive list all the parts and materials fitted to our bikes. #NotLongNow